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12 Man Welfare

WC, hot water, heating & kitchen

12 Man Welfare Unit – Specification

The UK's only VCA approved 12 man road towable welfare unit.

  • Large capacity welfare unit
  • Compact, robust, easy to maintain
  • Meets different site requirements, including HSE
  • New added safety features

For full specification please view brochure.

Big Space 12 man Brochure

Key Features

The Big Space Welfare is a single axle configuration, with all the easy to manoeuvre characteristics of the Easi Cabin whilst introducing a much greater and more flexible interior design.

This unique combination of a compact design with a all new interior is achieved by extensive development using the latest Pro Engineering design software.

This has allowed our new larger capacity 12 man design to be only 50cm longer overall than our standard 6 man cabin, but over a meter longer on the inside.

We have incorporated a higher weight capacity axle, to allow for a greater length cabin, yet still managed to keep the overall gross weight under 1900kg.

The new Big Space Welfare is able to offer HSE facilities for up to 12 people. In conjunction with our ‘Hybrid’ specification the Big Space Welfare will provide a charging point for both phones and laptops, allowing the Unit to be used with out the generator running.

The new Vehicle Certification Agency (V.C.A) standard requires all trailers that can carry or weigh over 750kg must be manufactured to a specific specification, and all areas of production have to be approved.

Welfare 4 Hire is proud to have achieved this new standard which means our customers will benefit from meeting the future legal requirements, alongside the fact that the entire range of Welfare 4 Hire cabins are now VCA approved.

Features Summary

  • 12 man canteen area with sink and hotwash
  • Toilet with skylight and hotwash
  • Generator/Drying room
  • 12V LED lighting
  • 12V Power outlet
  • Battery load shedder
  • Remote stop/start
  • Ceiling mounted fan heaters
  • 240V sockets
  • Isolation switch

Technical Specifications

  • Net Weight: 1840kg
  • Gross Weight: 1890kg
  • Unit length 4.80m
  • Unit width 2.30m
  • Unit Height 2.37m
  • Towing length 5.88m
  • Towing height 2.72m

Added Benefits

  • Greener, quieter and cleaner
  • Electrical systems designed to reduce emissions
  • Longer service intervals
  • Reduced fuel consumption
  • Lower running costs

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