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Mobile toilets & showers

Mobile toilets 1+1, 2+2 & 3+1

Mobile toilet units

The 1+1, 2+2 & 3+1 are self contained cubicle layouts, perfect unisex toilets for small outdoor sites where facilities are not available.

  • Recurculating toilets
  • Hot water hand wash
  • Built in ceiling spot lights
  • Ventilation
  • Waste connection
  • Water inlet
  • Water heater
  • Fresh & Waste water tanks with level gauges
  • Frost heater to plant room

Mobile urinals - 6man & 16man

Mobile urinal units

6 or 16 eco-waterless urinals or traditional stainless steel troughs.

  • Waterless urinals or troughs
  • Heavy duty vinyl floor covering
  • Ceiling lights 12v LED
  • Floor drain
  • Waste connection
  • Partition screens
  • Waterless hand wash dispensor(s)
  • Frost heater

Mobile showers 2/4/6 bay

Mobile shower units

Two, four and six bay shower facilities - modern, economical, easy to clean and swiftly set up.

EasyCabin Showers all include powerful, efficient high out-put boilers to ensure a continuous supply of hot water on-demand.

  • Separate shower units with hand wash sinks
  • Tough, high quality interior surfaces, easy to clean
  • Non concussive push button operation
  • Energy efficient gas powered boilers & LED lighting
  • Waste & water connections
  • Gas storage compartment
  • Efficient Rinnai gas water heater
  • Built in shower head thermostatically controlled
  • 230 volt - 16amp electric inlet

Construction Specification

  • Walls & Roof: Seamless insulated GRP interior and exterior which provides rust free and washable surfaces.
  • Doors: Insulated doors with keyed alike locks
  • Steps: Heavy duty galvanized steel
  • Floor: 15mm plywood with slip and wear resistant phenolic coating with a non slip vinyl finish

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